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Heart-Health, can it really be so simple? Dr. James Marcum, the cardiologist who accepts patients that are anything but stable, sure seems to think so!

Dinner with Doctor Marcum at the Jasper SDA church was a most enjoyable, educational and a delicious evening. Praise God for inspiring Karen and her creative, hardworking team to host this event.

The theme was heart health, which can imply a couple of different meanings. 1) Health that has to do with our heart and 2) the foundation, or the core of health.  Despite the multitude of lifestyle diseases and sicknesses in this world, health is by no means impossible to obtain. Believe it or not, it’s actually rather simple. Therefore don’t get overwhelmed by your health. 

So what are Dr. Marcum’s secrets in transforming the life of his last stitch patients?  3 key words that come to mind are: Lifestyle, worship and step by step.  Let’s briefly break these down, shall we.



Who would have thought that a little bit of water, some movement, sunshine and nutritious food could do so much to transform our health?  Especially, the sicker one is and the less one follows the health laws, the more minute changes will improve their health. Nevertheless, God has promised that each genuine change we make, will improve our body’s health and strength.  In regards to health, diet is often one of the first thing that people think about, and sadly there is much confusion regarding what food is healthful.  To be safe, wouldn’t it be wise to follow the nutrition plan of the One who created us? Airplane manufactures are very specific as to how their airplane’s must be maintained, if mechanics don’t follow their instructions, many lives will be compromised. It is the same with us. God created us to function in a certain way, when we don’t follow His instructions we can’t live optimally. In our instruction manual He gave us a diet consisting of plant based whole-foods (unrefined foods). Gen 1:29.



Dr. Marcum’s 2nd key word was “worship”. What does worship have to do with health? Without getting very scientific, the Bible, aka our instruction manual, teaches the principle “by beholding we become changed”. 2Cor 3:18. In other words we become like the object we contemplate. Studies are showing that our physiology changes depending on what we put in our minds and our thought patterns.  Our brains physically change depending on the object of our meditation. And isn’t this seen in couples with lasting marriages?  It is incredible!  Therefore by contemplating a God of love and truth, a God who is a harmonious blend of justice and mercy, we will certainly be positively affected.  This is important because even if we practice the ideal lifestyle, if we are stressed out by it, it may hardly benefit us. Therefore, our focus should not be our lifestyle, but the loving God who gave us the instructions on health, a.k.a the health message


Step by step:

For heart health we need to take things step by step.  Don’t let your health be a stressor in your life.  Our relationship with God through His Son Jesus must be our focus, for truly this is the heart of heath. Let us realize that the health message is God's love message to us.  Jesus came to give us life more abundantly in all areas, physically, spiritually and mentally. Make changes in your life according to your faith. Some people seem to change everything at once, while others seem to move very slowly.  We must beseech God to help us believe His health message, and ask Him to give us a new heart that we might be able to obey it. Then through discipline we can choose to keep it even when we don’t feel like it.  And we will see the reward of our obedience.  Truly this is a wonderful life we have been given, let us live it to the full!

Dustin A.

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