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NEWSTART™ - The 8 Laws of Health

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Not only is it a known proverb but it is foremost a true one. Unfortunately so few of us really believe and implement this in our lifestyle. We endorse and advice everyone to improve their diet by leaving out those things which are harmful (fast foods, meat, cheese etc.) and focusing on those foods that are beneficial to health (non-dairy, low-sugar, low-fat etc.).

"N" represents the first health law and stands for a healthy Nutrition.



A healthy exercise routine is essential to good health. We recommend to do at least 30-60 mins of aerobic exercise everyday. Among our favorites are: brisk walking, jogging, biking, swimming.

"E" represents the second health law and stands for Exercise.



Without it life could not be possible. We all need it and we all have 70% of it in our bodies. Water is the probably strongest natural remedy that there is on the planet. It is to be taken whatever disease or condition you fight. Water will help you maintain a strong immune system and  healthy cardio vascular system.We recommend to drink at least 80 ounces of water a day.

"W" represents the third health law and stands for Water.


Are you feeling more sleepy and energy deprived during winter time or a long working day in the office? That is probably because you are lacking Vitamin D. The best Vitamin D we get from the sun. We recommend  a daily sun exposure to 30 minutes.

"S" represents the fourth health law and stands for Sunshine.


Our society is intoxicating itself with drugs and harmful foods for the immediate sense of gratification which those substances deliver. There is a flip side to that coin though. Your health is tremendously suffering from all those addicting habits of drinking alcohol, smoking, drinking coffee, eating candy, eating in general, snacking etc. We recommend 2-3 healthy meals a day with NO snacks whatsoever in between. The law of temperance goes at follows: Moderate intake of the things that are beneficial. No intake of the things that are harmful.

"T" represents the fifth health law and stands for Temperance.


We do it between 18 000 and 30 000 times a day. Breathing. Do you think something that we do that often has an effect on us? Unfortunately we do not think about it as much as we should. We take shallow breaths without giving our lungs the room that our abdominal volume offers for ear. Not only do we breathe wrongly but we also breathe impure air. Those things inhibit our health significantly. We recommend to have the windows open at night and to go out into the fresh air everyday.

"A" represents the sixth health law and stands for Air.


If mechanic machineries need to rest at times in order to maintain high performance how much more does our living biological machinery need to rest at times? We recommend 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Also consider that the "rest-hormone" melatonin (the thing that makes us feel awake and rested) is produced the best when we are sleeping in a dark room starting at least 2 hours before midnight.

"R" represents the seventh health law and stands for Rest.


The last but not least law of health is Trust. Trust in good friends and family but even more trust in the God of the Universe. Atheist or not, studies are showing more and more how people with a relationship to God are in average healthier and happier in life than people that don't. We recommend to take time aside each day to commune with the Creator of the Universe, the Savior of Men, Jesus Christ.

"T" represents the eighth health law and stands for TRUST IN GOD.

If you follow all of these you will stay healthy with ease.


Wildwood Herb Shop team

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